Monday, April 26, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies - Cutest Zombies in the World?

I love tower defense games. I love zombies. I love plants (well, the ones that don't give me allergies). Hence, when Plants vs. Zombies came out middle of last year I was in looooove. My only beef was that the game was a bit too easy, but the extra puzzles and mini-games made up for that. Anyway, I've finished the game 3 times through already and had put it aside for quite a while. But then I saw this a few days ago:

Whaaaaat! Plants vs. Zombies HD on the iPad with an extra mini-game! Jealous (I don't have an iPad just yet). Until I get one, I will be renewing my love for the game. Yes, it's good enough that you can play again and again. And nothing makes me laugh more than the end credits zombie dance. I also say "bwains" alllll the time like they do in the game. So adorable. And when was the last time you heard someone call a zombie adorable?!

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