Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movies that F'd My Soul

I haven't seen a movie that's f'd my soul in a while but the song Your Witness from Martyrs came on my iTunes and automatically I felt like crap. Psychological damage, seriously!

Movies that f'd my soul include...

The Ring (2002)
Look, it's not my fault I saw The Ring when I was in my early teens. I guess every person has a movie they saw when they were young that scared the CRAP out of them. Everyone has their own The ShiningThe ExorcistThe Blair Witch Project, or the recent Paranormal Activity. Well, The Ring is mine. I think it might be one of those things that if I had seen it now I wouldn't have been scared (just like watching Paranormal Activity I didn't find anything frightening but the teens in the theatre were screeching). But seriously, forever I will be haunted by The Ring and I doubt any movie will ever scare me to that degree ever again. Truth be told, I haven't watched it again all the way through from beginning to end since the first time I saw it in theatres (and we even needed a parent to get in back then!). Don't laugh at me. Maybe I'll try to do that this weekend.

Bloodsucking Freaks / The Incredible Torture Show (1976)
Another one of those movies that was a first for me - the first gross ass torture flick I've seen. I rented this on VHS from my local video store (which I miss dearly) and I'm pretty sure the guy that worked there shouldn't have let me rent it considering I was again, in my early teens. This is the first time I saw someone get their fingers cut off. Even now, I'm really sensitive to fingers being removed for some reason (maybe because I play piano? Or I just value my fingers a lot...) so seeing this as a young budding horror fan made me really go WTF?!

August Underground's Mordum (2003)
I don't enjoy torture porn for the sake of torture porn. But this one f'd my soul because... well, it's number one on IGN's Horror blog as "Top 10 Sickest Films" and it's there for a reason. It's a film that makes me question why anybody would ever want to make such a film, but then there I was watching it so I'm almost equally as crazy and f'd up? It's a film that I would never ever suggest to any other human being.

Martyrs (2008)
Lastly, and highest on my list, is Martyrs. I know, some people think the ending is some sort of cop out and trying to be deep and artsy, but well, I buy it. I found it thought provoking and the fact that there's still an active board on IMDB about the meaning of the ending shows that it's worth talking about. Maybe it's because I buy into the entire story that I found this so psychologically damaging, but after I watched this film, I felt EMPTY. I felt hollowed out and so crazy and depressed and all things crazy. It took two weeks before I could stop thinking about it and even now I come back view it every once in a while with no good reason to (because why would anybody WANT to feel like crap). The physical torture the main character goes through isn't gory and isn't even comparable to a million other films out there but it's the psychological battle that she fights that makes it so hard hitting. A very interesting story, mixed in with phenomenal acting from the two leads and a gorgeous soundtrack makes Martyrs the movie that has most f'd up my soul.

Someone save my soul, please.

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