Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Really Looking Forward to...

The Human Centipede: First Sequence (April 28, 2010)

Ahhh I don't even know what to say about this movie. Ever since seeing the drawings of the 'human centipede' idea and this trailer I've been constantly thinking about this concept in true disgust and interest. It grosses me out to no end but what can I say, it's certainly original! Three tourists are taken by a crazy doctor who thinks that connecting the three victims (mouth to anus) and severing their knee caps, is the way of the future. I have NO fucking clue why he thinks it's the way of the future, but like, ahhhhhh! It's so ick, but I'm so intrigued.
P.S. Yes, they've already announced a sequel. With 12 segments to the centipede. No comment.

Splice (June 4, 2010)

Oooo this sci-fi film has me drooling in anticipation, but I fear that my expectations are getting too high. I've read some mixed reviews from people who saw the early screenings, but I still have my hopes high in the sky. Guillermo del Toro is producing, and it stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley (I love you, Sarah!). These two scientists splice a variety of animal DNA with human DNA and they end up with a deformed female infant. But then she rapidly grows into a deadly winged human-chimera! Holy shit!

A Nightmare on Elm Street (April 30, 2010)

I know what you're (probably) thinking - you're excited about a remake?! A remake of a CLASSIC? Let me try and justify this - I didn't grow up with A Nightmare on Elm Street. I saw it like, a year ago. Seriously. And I LOVE it and I LOVE the concept so much that I cry for the kids who have never seen it and will never see it unless it's reborn as a remake. I am also not a hater for remakes - as in, I love Dawn of the Dead (2004) and The Hills Have Eyes (2006), etc. I view them almost separately from the originals and I do indeed enjoy modernizing some of the outdated concepts/imagery/technology. I understand that most remakes are bad, but here's to hoping that my little cousin can get scared as shit by Freddy.

These three are just movies releasing really really soon that I'm looking forward to. Of course there are a heck of a lot more in development. Most notably, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES starring NATALIE PORTMAN. Seriously, that's three of my favorite things right there. Pride & Prejudice (I know, it's weird that I like P&P; don't ask me why I do), zombies, and Natalie Portman. Love.


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